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Best Social Thriller : "Apprehension", directed by Chris Fudge

Best Cinematic Treatment : "Bitch, Popcorn & Blood", directed by Fabio Soares

Best Debutant Director : Amit Kapoor for "Disha's Boat"

Best Cinematography : "Fall", directed by Vigil Bose

Best LGBT Short of Edition I : "HIV X LOVE?", directed by Katsuhide Yamago

Best Action Thriller : "Ming... Voice of Deception", directed by Brian Lutes

Best Screenplay : "Ming... Voice of Deception", directed by Brian Lutes

Best Experimental Feature : "The Geometries of Desire", directed David Williams

Best Music Video of Edition I : "The Letting Go", directed by Natalie Jean

Best Ad Film - Social : UNAIDS World Cup Campaign - "One Goal" & "The Game's Not Over", directed by DK Odessa

Best International Documentary Web Series : "Zyara", directed by Muriel Aboulrouss

Audience Choice : "I'm Sorry", directed by Lovisa Lara

Best Thriller - Audience Choice : "Goodbye Mondays", directed by Michael Salmon


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